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S-band Beacon Received

For those that track this kind of thing, here are my observations today 
(first time I have been able to listen).  If anyone wants a short wav file, 
just send me a note.  Operating conditions are 29.75 N. lat., 16-turn home 
brew RH helix (pix available on request), Conner preamp, Drake 2880, 6 m of 
RG-6 and 15 m 9913F into an FT-100.  AOS was at MA16 and it abruptly 
disappeared at MA30.  The "observed frequency" noted below is at the 
converted 2 m IF.

1714, 15,000 km, 2401.323 MHz,"choppy" at 3 dB above the noise
1715, 15,500 km, 2401.322 MHz, 9-12 dB above the noise
1722, 16,500 km, 2401.321 MHz, 12-15 dB above the noise (S7 +)
1736, 18,500 km, 2401.319 MHz, 12 dB above the noise
1747, 20,800 km, 2401.319 MHz, 6 dB above the noise
1750, 21,300 km, 2401.319 MHz, 3 dB above the noise
1751, 21,500 km, 2401.319 MHz, barely above the noise when it quit (blip then 

The dramatic drop in signal strength appears to have been due to squint angle 
change and not the increased range (I hope).
Jerry, K5OE
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