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Excuse me if this is not the proper place to pose questions regarding a
new-comer to satellites establishing his station.

As I see it, regardless of what I choose to work (Analog, digital or
others), I will need good preamps.  I am considering the ARR SP144VDG &
SP432VDG models.  My question is about "pole mounting" at the antennas.
These do not appear to be constructed for such.  Are there other models
from ARR (or other brands) for outside pole mounting?

Possibly, some of you may suggest an weather tight enclosure.

Truthfully, I am really starting from the ground floor on this and doing
a lot of reading.  I still have to make the decision of what mode of
satellites to start with.  It probably will be the analog sats till I
get the hang of it and progress from there.  Again, I'll have to decide
upon antennas too.  Are the Omni's that effectual?

Thanks for your input.

Jerry  N5GPC
Grand Prairie, TX

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