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Re: Subject: Two rotor sets continued

dear Jim,
well, a friend of mine tells me that he can control two rotors with one control box.  so it might be possible to have several rotors be controlled by a single control box.

anyway, i am not the expert. you might want to pump an email to 4f2kwt (Gil) at gilsan@digitelone.com to get some info.

also n1wlv
owner-AMSAT-BB@AMSAT.Org wrote:

>Well my question certainly generated a variety of ideas :-)
>To clarify, what I had in mind was a way to drive two (or even three) 
>G-5400's together at the same time without needing a separate 
>rotor/interface/PC for each.  Depending on the satellite configuration the 
>uplink and downlink may be on different rotors.
>There has been so much discussion I haven't had time to read it all 
>thoroughly, but it seems no one has a simple solution.  I had thought this 
>problem might have been solved by now with a hand full of components.
>Seems a couple of folks are working on updating or modifying existing 
>controller designs to do this.  That would be a solution, and would be 
>welcome.  For my case the optimum configuration would be two G-5400 
>interfaces with a third generic (dish, EME array, etc.) that could also be 
>used with a G-5400.  Each could be calibrated separately and turned on/off 
>as needed.
>Of course one could also do it with two or three controllers/PCs etc. but 
>that's far from elegant. . .
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