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JavaScript Axial-Mode Helix Calculator

I figure I'd get off my duff, and do something useful for the
AO-40 community.

A long time ago, I used to use the helix.bas program from the ARRL 
UHF/Microwave Experimenter's Manual (vol. 1-- 1990) written by Bob Atkins, 

Anyway, I've lost it, and because there is a relative lack of plans
on the internet for 1269 MHz helicies... I decided rather than typing
in the BASIC program again (ugh), I'd make it a JavaScript program-- and 
hence be able to share the joy worldwide.  (Yes, it calculates in cm *and* 
Inches for us metrically [and apparently vote counting] challenged 

I think I have the bugs out of it.  Let me know if anyone finds
it useful:


(Note: case does matter)

Later I'll post my homebrew satellite antennas like K5OE.. but I imagine 
it'll take quite some time before I finish and test the beasts...

Fred W0FMS
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