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Re: RUDAK testing started

>when Rudak is on, will the freq. be listed in the text out put of the
>telementery, as to what freq. to listen on.

>Greg Wycoff
>NØZHE EM17ej Ks.

Well, no.  As we test RUDAK and the experiments we may change frequencies 
often, no way for the satellite controllers to keep up with what we are 
doing in real time.  Eventually we will settle on one or two downlink 
freqs, but not till after checkout, which could take from a few days to 
much much longer depending on link quality, how checkout goes, our time, 
etc.  Just to many variables to predict.

There are 4 9k6 S downlinks from RUDAK.  Nominally they are:
S1 RUDAKA 2400.7674 and 2400.7398
    RUDAKB 2400.8865 and 2400.8693
S2 RUDAKA 2401.747 and 2401.720
    RUDAKB 2401.867 and 2401.847
As we check them out we will be confirming the frequencies.

We are working up a web page that will have current status, which we will 
try to keep up to date.  No guarantees, please be patient.  Watch 
www.amsat.org for a link.

For clarification, there are two different groups of people involved 
here.  The satellite controllers are responsible for the whole 
satellite.  That includes power, orbit, attitude, maneuvers, IHU TLM, 
etc.  They provide the data you see on the 400 PSK downlink about the 
satellite as a whole.  RUDAK is a payload.  It's along for the ride.  The 
RUDAK team is responsible for making it work and loading and running the 
software that operates the other experiments (CEDEX, SCOPE, GPS, Monitor, 
CAN/LAN temps).  We will put a status message about RUDAK on the 9k6 RUDAK 
downlink(s) when we have things running.  The teams are in touch but have 
separate responsibilities.  And of course Dr. Karl Menizer is the overall 
project lead and guides the whole process.


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