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How is AO-40's MA calculated?


I was wondering how the exact MA value for AO-40 is "officially" calculated.
I know the definition of MA (256 equal time slices of the orbit, starting
at perigee).  But you still need to know the "official" moment of perigee
to calculate the MA.  How is this defined right now?  Do the controllers pick
whatever orbital elements they are happiest with and base it on that?

Obviously the IHU tracks (its notion of) the MA, so it can turn things
on and off at the right time.  Does any of the telemetry data include
a "current MA" value?

In a few days, people on the East coast of the USA should be able to
start receiving the S-band telemetry, assuming that no burn happens
before then.  I'm looking forward to that...

Doug Braun

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