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Re: S Band rx and tx

>From: W1BFN@aol.com
>It just hit me that the two S-band transmitters/receivers can be almost 50 
>MHz apart.
>(maybe uplink on 2401 and downlink on 2446?)
>If possible, that might make a heck of a "Doppler-free" communications 
>arrangement, and half-duplex at that, since the two frequencies seem far 
>enough apart to isolate via bandpass filters.


Nice try ;-)  But AO-40 doesn't support mode S/S!  According to the manual
"P3G to P3D", the following s-band uplink modes are possible:  S/V, S/U,
SX, S/K ... and it remains to see what will be implemented!

AO-40's s-band xmtr IS isolated from the S1 and S2 receivers using a
circulator on the same antenna, so...?  Maybe one of the s/c team can
illuminate on this.

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