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Re: Two rotor sets continued

At 06:52 AM 12/9/00 -0700, you wrote:

>To clarify, what I had in mind was a way to drive two (or even three) 
>G-5400's together at the same time without needing a separate 
>rotor/interface/PC for each.  Depending on the satellite configuration the 
>uplink and downlink may be on different rotors.
>There has been so much discussion I haven't had time to read it all 
>thoroughly, but it seems no one has a simple solution.  I had thought this 
>problem might have been solved by now with a hand full of components.

Hi Jim,
I must not understand the problem. Doesn't the 5400 have an
RS-232 interface? It seems pretty simple to just drive 2 of
them from a COM port with a simple "splitter." What's wrong
with this? Thanks!

Tony AA2TX@amsat.org
North Andover, MA

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