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FT-817 Info from Yaesu

Here's some info re questions I had about the radio:

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Sent: Thursday, December 07, 2000 3:25 PM
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Subject: FT-817 Features

I have just ordered a new FT-817 thru HRO, but have a couple questions on its
1. Does the WBFM mode work on HF freq. band (specifically on 30 Mhz)? 
No, it does not work WBFM in HF. Only VHF/UHF 

{This is only important for my microwave work...wbfm microwave is standard
30 MHz IF}

2. I operate on the satellites. Does this radio have the ability to
transmit on
one band and simultaneously receive another band (crossband duplex)? 
It will not work full duplex. You can work the FM birds, by using the splits.

{now that's confusing.  Evidentally they don't understand the question, or how
birds are operated...but if it will work the FM birds, then it should work the
birds in any mode.  Obviously not designed to have tuning track; probably have
to save split freqs. to memory and step memories to tune doppler} {it does
computer CAT I/F so maybe sw could be written to slave to tracking sw} {hoping
it will work for at least FM birds/APRS...just add TNC/GPS/Arrow} {Field day
satellite rig?} {Disaster scene pacsat terminal/APRS tracker?} {radio is
1200/9600 data ready}
3. HRO is not aware of a mobile bracket. Do you have one for the FT-817? 
No mobile mounting bracket 
4. Can both as SSB and CW mechanical filter be added? I ordered the ssb

Only room for one of them

{so if you want superior SNR performance or cw bw, then probably need an
5. Is there an internal adjustment for Tx RF power output in addition to the
four switchable levels? (I will be driving translators for the microwave bands
and may require lower level than 0.7w). 
You can do it, but not sure how low it will go. You can can adjust the power
levels, but will need the service manual to be able to do that.

{yep, forgot to order one!} 

Will report more after Santa arrives ;-)


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