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Re: A-40 GPS

The GPS has not yet been powered up.  It (along with RUDAK and the other 
experiments) will be tested and checked out as power, pointing angles, and 
other primary 'bus' commissioning activities allow.  As long as things are 
working well that will be well before final orbit.

If the GPS works fully it will spit out element and attitude data in ASCII 
text, although the initial format will be a bit obscure.  Once we find that 
much works properly other software may be written and loaded that makes the 
format more readable.  All this, of course, assumes all the bits and pieces 
work.  The GPS equipment is very much an experiment.

It should also be noted that as RUDAK and the experiments are tested there 
will be lots of diagnostic stuff in the RUDAK downlink that will go away 
after testing is completed.  Some may be pretty obvious, others will make 
sense only to the software authors.

Bdale, KB0G, and I will do our best to keep the -bb informed of progress, 
but please understand we will be pretty busy trying to get it all loaded 
and tested.  There is lots of software involved and lots of tests that must 
be run.  And for a while at least the RF links will not be wonderful.


At 02:56 PM 12/08/2000 -0600, Greg Wycoff wrote:
>question on AO-40 GPS, has the gps been tested yet or will it be after AO-40
>gets to the correct orbit? and will the keplerian data be displayed as text
>mgs. in the tlm.
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