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Re: TCP/IP address - Nino's Program

I *think* I know what is going on here.  But this is a guess..
I have this happening on my box as well.  I think Nino's program only
binds to one IP address as a server, the defined IP address that
either the Ethernet card uses or the Internet Dialup (can't test this-- I'm 
a cable modem guy...) IP adress, but he does not bind to
the localhost address.  Which means that the localhost, logically 
a seperate IP interface has no server daemon running on it,
but the "other" IP address does.  This might mean that it will bind to if there are no other TCP/IP interfaces active (like a dialup that 
is not connected to the internet), but I cannot test that either.

So for example on my machine connecting P3T to does not work.. but 
if I connect to (the behind the NAT [Network Address 
Translation-- linux masquerade] address of the machine) it works fine.

Could someone else confirm this?

Fred Spinner, W0FMS

>From: Reinricht@aol.com
>To: amsat-bb@AMSAT.Org
>CC: dj1yq@t-online.de
>Subject: [amsat-bb] TCP/IP address
>Date: Fri, 8 Dec 2000 12:04:30 EST
>I am using Windows 98SE and I know that the address which I need 
>connect  Nino's demodulator software is my local host and I find this 
>saved in Windows in the file 'hosts.sam'.
>A good friend of mine (OM Franz, dj1yq@t-online.de) is also trying to setup
>the combination P3T with Nino's program but has no luck because the address
> is not available. I gave him the advise to look for the file
>'hosts.sam', but he told me that this file does not exist on his computer. 
>is using Windows 95 though. Can anybody tell me what to do?
>Reinhard, DJ1KM
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