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Re: FT-847 scuttlebut


>From: Douglas Cole <n7bfs@qwest.net>
>Thanks for the input Ed , I have had an '847 for about two years also and
>the only thing I don't like are the volume control resolution( or lack of
) and
>the useless NR filter , which starts out great but then fades away after
>30 seconds.

There is a factory fix for the 847 volume control and I never experienced
NF problem you cite.  Call Yaesu.

>Do you see any of these symptoms in the new '817 or is the volume more
>than digital and is the NR function more "lasting" , also ( sorry if this
>offends ) what kind of price did you pay and from which dealer , as I am
>for a Xmas present for myself , this would be neat :)
>Also does the '817 use the same "data" connector pinout as the '847 ?

Have only ordered the FT-817, yesterday [HRO $749]  and on waiting
list...delivery?  After xmas?
will report after I get it!  I ordered the opt. ssb Collins mech filter and
a DTMF mobile mic. [$985 w/shipping].

Re: "What IF frequencies":  the DEM 28/144 MHz xvtr kit is a good
possibility.  Checkout their 144/28 DCK pcb kit which is intended for use
with microwave xtvrs.  Low level mw power output and only $89!  I will have
a second HF-6m-2m-70cm rig so...  

BTW Steve intends to offer the 1269/144 Tx in a wx-proof version!  Mine
will be the ordinary enclosure as it will be located in the "shack" as I
run hardline to the antenna.  I have the option of using my K9EK 7289 amp
at 60-125w, if needed!  Look out LEILA!

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