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RE: choice of IF frequencies

John, thanks for the explanation why 435 MHz isn't a suitable IF for a 1270 MHz transmit converter.  I hadn't thought of that.

A 435 MHz IF for the 2400 MHz down converter also wouldn't be particularly desirable because then I couldn't operate mode US.

I suppose I'll do a double up conversion to use 28 MHz as the IF for my 1270 MHz TX converter.  Then I can operate every combination of V, U, L, and S modes except for VS which will probably never be used.

Out of curiosity, is there any reason why a single conversion from a 50 MHz IF wouldn't be viable for a 1270 MHz TX converter?  Would the filtering be too difficult to attenuate the 2xIF spur?

Wayne Estes W9AE
Mundelein, IL, USA
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