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Setting 9600 baud deviation?

Hi all, I'm in the process of setting up my new TNC3S for 9600 baud packet
and was hoping to get some advise on setting the deviation.

What I have done so far is use a second rig as a monitor and hooked up my
digital volt meter to the speaker jack measuring the voltage as I increase
the TNC output.  After finding a peak I backed down the TNC output about
20% or so.

The TNC3S is now working at 9600 baud but I can't help but think it still
needs some fine tuning.

Anybody know of a better cheap way to fine tune the TNC?  It seems to me
the method above would work very well for 1200 baud but what about audio
clipping on the monitor radio at 9600 baud?

Anybody know of a deviation meter available some place that is not too

An oscilloscope can be used to check deviation right? 
(Don't own one but it would have lots of other uses as well)

I'm also curious if anybody has tried using a sound card program with a
water fall display like Digipan to take a look at the received audio.  I
think I will try this weekend - maybe it will help me find any distortion
that might be there.

Thanks, Dale KF4SIR 
Dale Coleman
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