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I am rather ambitiously planning to build a 9-turn Helical for 2-m, but Im
concerned as to how strong I need to make the base mount.

Does anyone have clues as to how to calculate wind loading on a roundish
stick of given diameter & (wind) resistance?
I anticipate it will be a simple number dependant on shape and with units
something like

"pounds(of force) per  foot(of given type-of-stick)  per mph(wind).."

Im thinking of finding a long stretch of road and sticking a broom handle in
the air from my car window, somehow attached to some kitchen scales.. but
maybe someone out here has already done that??

Or has an approximate number /equation applicable for all sticks?

BTW: "Stick" = long, approximately round-in-cross-section object made of Al,
Cu, fiberglass, wood.. antything.

Thanks for any help.
Hope to CU on AO-10.

David Merrett,
RF Engineer, Jindalee project
BAE Systems, 
Ph   +618 8290 7001
Fax  +618 8290 8887

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