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Re: choice of IF frequencies

"John Stephensen, KD6OZH" wrote:
> A 435 MHz IF would be a poor choice for a transmit converter as the third
> harmonic of the IF would pass right through the printed RF bandpass filters
> on the unit and cause interference to other services. 144 and 222 MHz are
> the only viable choices and no one makes 222 MHz transceivers anymore. So
> the existing DEM products will limit those with dual-band satellite
> transceivers to mode LU (AO-13 mode L) and mode US (AO-13 mode S).

Don't forget, DEM also has a 2M to 10M IF transverter available.  If
inserted inline between one of the other microwave transverters and
a satellite rig with HF capability (such as the FT-847 and several
others), you wouldn't have to exclude any modes that include VHF
(2M) as either an uplink or downlink.

IMHO, it would also be nice if DEM made a version of that  box that
converted 2M to 6M, since the FT-847 can treat 6M like a satellite
band even though it is not ever going to be included on any satellite
unless the worldwide amateur satellite service frequency allocations

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