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RE: What Sat?

Hi All,

  Thanks to everyone who answered my question about SO-35! My program is
right on for all the other sats. I guess I have a bad set of keps for
that Satellite.
 Also, I just finishing looking over the specs for the new Kenwood rig @
http://www.btinternet.com/~hlong/, and 2 things stood out...First, as
everyone suspected, the 1.2 module is an extra, but I noticed that it
"Can only be installed by a qualified technician."...........This 'ought
to be interesting!  Second, it stated under the receive range that for 2
meter it is 144-146, and for 440,  430-440. Great for Satellites, but
makes working repeaters a bit tough, huh? Did anyone else notice that,
or am I too tired and reading it wrong?



"Ah, an open mind.  The essence of intellect." - Garek

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