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FT-847 scuttlebut

I have had my FT-847 over two years, and except for the early production
problem with DSP self-oscillation which they repaired under warranty, I
have found the radio to my liking.   

In fact so much, that I decided to purchase its little brother the FT-817
for mobile/portable and "take-on-the-airplane-with-me" use!  I especially
like that it has wbfm which I will able to use on microwave, and the agc
may be turned off which is a help for any radioastronomy/SETI operation.  I
was looking at a dual-band HT, but this will do so much more and fairly
small.  Add a TNC/GPS/Arrow and it looks like its all there.  Even has VOX
and a keyer built-in.  But it does not replace the FT-847!

Being into satellite, eme, and tropo on 6m-2m-432-1296-10,368, I definitely
have a bunch of exterior coax swiches and multi-port relays.  They could
never be properly incorporated into the "box".

Not having any other DSP experience to compare, I have found the DSP quite
useful for very weak signal situations [use 100 Hz for eme-cw].  The
adjustable bw filter on 2m-ssb is also helpful.  I normally leave the noise
filter on for all ssb/cw ops including HF.  

I wish the NB was better for line noise.

For soundcard connection, I use the fixed audio available at the DATA jack.
 Works fine for psk-31 and FFTDSP.  Will let you know how it works for the
French PSKDEM sw.

>I have had an 847 for a while now, and truly love the rig.  There are a few 
>features though, that I think they could improve on.
>1)   The DSP that is built into the rig I've found to be almost 
>worthless.  Maybe I'm not using it correctly, however, I definately don't 
>like it.
>2)   The all in one concept is wonderful, however I'd like to see an 
>external module that would allow switching of antennas.  For instance, 
>because of the versatility of this radio, you have to have oscar antennas, 
>horizontal antennas, and vertical antennas.  3 Antennas, per port.  I'd 
>love to see something that I could run my 4 outputs to this box, and then 
>select based on my mode of operation.  I could see if it were just an HF 
>rig, putting an antenna switch in line, but 4 of them?  Give me something 
>nice looking.
>3)  An audio output that is more of just a "Line Out".  Not just a spkr 
>jack.  I have been playing with digital modes and generally end up using 
>the headphone jack to connect it to my computer.  Because of the extreme 
>bass that my computer speakers generate, it's almost unbearable to listen 
>through the computer.
>Just my thoughts.
>At 09:48 AM 12/7/2000 -0500, you wrote:
>>I sold some of my other radios and have raised enough cash
>>to buy a new Yaesu FT-847.  The price is drifting down with
>>the AES now at $1399.99. Its still the best buy considering
>>the new Icom and Kenwood satellite rigs are in the 2 G$
>>range. The question is, will Yaesu release an updated
>>version of the 847 soon to compete with these new rigs? If
>>that were the case I would hold off on my purchase for a
>>month or so. There isn't much that they can really improve
>>without substantially raising the price. On the other hand
>>there are some minor improvements such as VOX that would be
>>useful. Has anyone heard any scuttlebut on any new Yaesu
>>satellite hardware?
>>Jack K2BMI
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>Via the amsat-bb mailing list at AMSAT.ORG courtesy of AMSAT-NA.
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Via the amsat-bb mailing list at AMSAT.ORG courtesy of AMSAT-NA.
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