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Re: J-pole antenna question

In a message dated 12/7/00 1:20:13 PM Eastern Standard Time, 
dougnad@BellAtlantic.net writes:

<< P.S.:  A tip for J-poles:  Copper water pipe comes in two thicknesses (in 
the USA, 
 at least).  If you are making a J-pole, look for the thinner-walled variety,
 which is identified with red markings. >>
And as for a good sturdy corrosion free PVC enclosed 2m/.70m ant, try 400 ohm
ladder line fed with coax and sealed in PVC pipe for a weather tight radome
enclosed version of the great J-pole.  Both of mine TX and RX very well on 
bands with a reasonably wide center cut VSWR of about 1.2:1  Good luck.
73, Steve
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