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Re: FT-847 scuttlebut

On Thu, 7 Dec 2000, Jack J. Gelfand wrote:

> I sold some of my other radios and have raised enough cash
> to buy a new Yaesu FT-847.  The price is drifting down with
> the AES now at $1399.99. Its still the best buy considering
> the new Icom and Kenwood satellite rigs are in the 2 G$
> range. The question is, will Yaesu release an updated
> version of the 847 soon to compete with these new rigs? If

I think competition with those radios means imcorporating 1.2GHz modules
and (in the case of TS-2000) some kind of TNC or modem, this is clearly
not a matter of model update, as it would require a completely new model
of radio!

> that were the case I would hold off on my purchase for a
> month or so. There isn't much that they can really improve
> without substantially raising the price. On the other hand
> there are some minor improvements such as VOX that would be
> useful. Has anyone heard any scuttlebut on any new Yaesu
> satellite hardware?

In my litle experience and don't see VOX as being of great importance or
usefulness, on the contrary... :-) I've been using the 847 for 2 years and
never missed it.

I think the 847 is a very good buy (if not the best) considering the price
difference from the upcoming Kenwood model...
And remember that the 1.2GHz modules are an add on, you will have to
purchase them separately, for these new models, probably. 

   C. Martins

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