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Once more keps AO-40...

Dear Alan,

my last msg has been misunderstood, sorry.

You wrote:

>Huh??? Keps are keps, they aren't location specific.
>If they are good for my locations, they *should*
>be as good for yours

Of course. But AOS and LOS are location specific.

I used STSPLUS for the calculation and the current
keps from OIG Home page (keps from amsat.org are
sometimes a few day behind).

Epoch for #26609: 337.49784232
"     "   #26610: 337.02909023

In Europe AO-40 disappears relativly fast, so it's
easy to determine the time of LOS. In North America
the LOS is very slow at this time.

Here are my calculations for today:

QTH                NORAD I AOS [UTC]   I LOS [UTC]
Washington DC      26609 I 07Dec 11:36 I 07Dec 15:53
                   26610 I 07Dec 11:09 I 07Dec 16:45
Oklahoma City      26609 I 07Dec 17:44 I 08Dec 00:10
                   26610 I 07Dec 18:35 I 07Dec 23:33
San Diego, CA      26609 I 07Dec 17:28 I 08Dec 04:35
                   26610 I 07Dec 18:13 I 08Dec 02:11
Berlin, Germany    26609 I 07Dec 05:34 I 07Dec 16:35
                   26610 I 07Dec 06:15 I 07Dec 17:15

You wrote about the exact LOS you observed (+- 1 min or so)
I made a calculation of "velocity of disappearance"
The result is:

QTH              deg/min
Washington, DC     0.5
Oklahoma City      0.09
San Diego, CA      0.08
Berlin, Germany    1.25

This is the difference between USA and Europe 8-)

Again, #26610 is *our* bird!

Vy 73, Udo, Berlin, dl7ol@amsat.org


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