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P3T G6LVB server


The PSK-1 P3T server on seems to be working better than
previously. However I do have to switch polarization on the antennas on
occasion during the day. As you can appreciate I'm at work so I can't always
do this quickly.

The server is an IZ8BLY decoder and I am having
difficulty keeping this tracking correctly. Again, being away from the shack
while AO-40's up it's proving difficult to track the faults.

I'm suffering a great deal from local QRM at my QTH (Central London) during
the day so the quality of the data can be quite bad quality at times. Early
morning seems OK.

The audio/video feed seems to be working OK,
although can be a bit clunky. Remember to open in Windows Media Player, not
a browser! Keep in mind that this is often swithced off when AO-40's not
overhead or I'm fiddling with something in the shack, which may be being
done remotely so I need the bandwidth!

73 Howard G6LVB

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