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I am running a Pentium - II, 333 MHz.  My KCT/T works fine.  I have 
absolutely no lock-ups at all, even running my computer as a server
for the rest of the house as well.  What software are you running.
What you describe sounds like Nova.  I had to drop back to an early
version of Nova, even with the bugs in it, cause the latest version
has some worse bugs in it.  It does slam the rotors to full stop.  But
at least it has a timer that cuts the rotors out when they drive to the 
stops.  Guess that IS one way to fix it  <grin>

If you have any specific questions, I will be glad to answer what I
can for you.


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> I hope this isn't too much of an inane query....
> Has anyone had trouble installing (calibrating0 the KCT 
> software on a 333 
> or 45o meg computor?? 
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