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Re: AO-40 Keps

 From the p3ddecoder list:
>From:   <G4ROA@A...>
>Date: Mon Dec 4, 2000 7:49pm
>Subject: AMSAT AO-40 - is?
>Hi list,
>Over the weekend I have checked out the pass times for AO-40 (Cat No 26609)and
>found them at least 30 mins adrift..  Yesterday (Monday) I tracked AO-40 and
>the other Micro Sats which were launched on the "ring".  I can confirm 
>that AO-40 is
>not 26609 but 26610, so who will rename the Cat No??  NORAD? AMSAT?
>I make the Cat No's:-
>26609 = STRY-1C      26610 = AO-40   26611 = STRY-1D
>This was based on the AOS/LOS of AO-40 signals comparing my beam headings
>and my tracking Prog.
>Today - Tuesday, the AOS at my QTH Coventry UK (52.383N 01.5W) were spot on
>for the "AO-40" Cat No 26610.

This was followed up by 2 - 3 others who felt the 22610 keps fit the 
aos/los of p3d better.

I guess we'll find out for sure when they start burning the engine!

73, Keith

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