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Re: Amateur Satellites Slated

On Wed, 6 Dec 2000, Jon Ogden wrote:

> > Kodiak Star, the first planned orbital launch from the new Kodiak Launch
> > Complex in Alaska...

> My question is on the launch site.  I thought launch sites needed to be near
> the equator or as close as possible (hence French Guyana and Florida instead
> of France and Maine).  I did not think high latitudes were good for orbital
> injection.  Is that incorrect?

Yes, incorrect.  Its best to launch from the Equator if you want to be on
the equator (as do most GEO birds).  For any other inclination orbit its
just as easy to launch from the Latitude equal to the inclination.

If you dont care about inclination, then it is better to launch EAST from
a low Latitude to get the 1000 MPH advantage of the spinning earth.  The
higher you go in latitude the less advantage to going East. etc...


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