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AO-40 Keps

In a message dated 12/6/00 6:28:52 PM Eastern Standard Time, ne1h@highrf.com 

<< The bottom line as it stands today... use the set that is posted on
 www.amsat.org, they are far more accurate than anything else... *AT THIS
Hi Alan and the group,
With nothing too dynamic happening to AO-40's orbit since launch, I've just 
holding on to element set #6, rev 16 that seemed to closely coincide with the 
and LOS I've observed from your server.  AMSAT.org is posting set #4, rev 16
right now.  Both set #4 and #6 had been posted toward the end of a period of 
confusion as to what object was being cataloged.  Did you by chance find set 
performing nearly as well as the AMSAT posted set #4?

By the way, you mentioned you have an AO-40 audio feed on the web.  Could
you please refresh our memories as to where we can find it?  Thanks
73, Steve

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