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Re: P3TC - Windows socket error ...

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From: "Bill Jones" <wejones@megalink.net>
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Sent: Wednesday, December 06, 2000 7:32 AM
Subject: RE: [amsat-bb] P3TC - Windows socket error ...

> > Launch Nino's excellent P3TLM program and start the TCP/IP server. In
> > bottom of the window will appear the server name and the port number
> >
> > The server name which appears will probably not be the localhost IP
> > ( but could be your first name, your last name and then the
> > number (2001).
> If you have a network card in your computer, you might try going to the
network control
> panel and finding out what is set up as the local IP#  by looking in the
entry in the
> TCP/IP -----> network card   category .   I know I am using a different IP
number on
> each of my 7 different computers, and that is what I entered, instead of
the  .
> If you don't have a network card, this probably wouldn't be the case, but
no telling what
> might be entered there in computers that have been around for a while, ie
> tends to be clogged up with settings for things that aren't in the
computer anymore.
>  is "wrap around" in computer-ese  Its a Local Host IP address
that allows
programmers to write processes that can talk to each other on the same host.
If you Start Telnet
you should be able to "open localhost" or "open" and connect to
This is not usually set up right in windoz as you usually don't know the
information and
have set up networking after you realized you needed it (I.E. you got a
modem for email).

Use explorer in windoz to search for a file called "hosts"  it chould
contain the IP assigned
to your system (if your not using dynamic addressing) and will also at a
minimum contain  localhost     <- as an additional entry.  If not you can add
"hosts" to your hosts
file in the format of " IP.ADD.RES.Sxx  hostname  alias_of_host
such as kg4itu dad mybox.  The first name should reference the
name you
told windoz when you built it, its in (right click)Network
Identification  (Computer name). The second names "dad and mybox" are
aliases of
the same "kg4itu" machine.  If you have several computers networked you can
set up
one "hosts" file and put it on all the machines so you do not have to
remember the
IP addresses you've chosen for them.

On a unix system the hosts file us usually located in /etc/hosts  and should
the same sort of enrty (as windoz was stolen from unix...;)

Hope this helps...

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