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RE: P3TC - Windows socket error ...

> Launch Nino's excellent P3TLM program and start the TCP/IP server. In the
> bottom of the window will appear the server name and the port number (2001).
> The server name which appears will probably not be the localhost IP address
> ( but could be your first name, your last name and then the port
> number (2001).

If you have a network card in your computer, you might try going to the network control 
panel and finding out what is set up as the local IP#  by looking in the entry in the 
TCP/IP -----> network card   category .   I know I am using a different IP number on 
each of my 7 different computers, and that is what I entered, instead of the  .
If you don't have a network card, this probably wouldn't be the case, but no telling what 
might be entered there in computers that have been around for a while, ie Win95/98 
tends to be clogged up with settings for things that aren't in the computer anymore.

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