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Australian APRS SateGate Operational

I have my APRS satellite gatway operaional again.

After pulling down the antenna and pre-amp I found it water logged and some
what corroded. Being too busy to fix it at this stage I am running the system
off a hi-gain dual band vertical. I know this is not ideal but it will do
until I can fix the other antenna.

You can digipeat through eather SO-35 or UO-22 as follows:

The gateway will digipeat any APRS posit or message it hears from SO-35 or
UO-22 on to the local APRS VHF frequency.

Here is what you need to do.

For SO-35 on non-voice passes set your UIPath to APRS via APRSAT,SGATE,WIDE

If you want your packet to go onto the internet add VK3RPP-1 to the end of the

SO-35 9600 bd uplink is on 145.825Mhz, 1200baud uplink is on 145.900Mhz. The
downlink is on 436.250 MHz

For more information on APRS & Sunsat see

UO-22 9600 bd uplink is on 145.900 MHz or 145.975 MHz.
The downlink is on 435.120 MHz.

Note that UO-22 is an operational PACSAT server and APRS is not to interfere 
with it's PACSAT operations. The APRS facility may be turned off if it causes

Remember that you will need to be in the satellites footprint at the same time
as VK3JFK-10 is to use the gateway.

I have been using my Kenwood D700 on the way to work to digipeat through
SO-35. To see how this is done take a look at

With VK2XJG's APRS Sat Server announcing the satellite passes on the local RF
networks across Australia you dont need to remember SO-35 or UO-22 passes,
just watch your D700 screen!


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