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RS-12/13 modes etc.

Greetings all

Worked RS-13 mode KT twice today and noticed that RS12's telemetry beacon is
still on the 2m downlink - 145.912. It was also heard on the 10m downlink
29408. The receivers aboard RS12 are off and there is no passband activity
with RS12 other than telemetry beacons. The RS13 Robot was on for a week or
two but was recently turned off.

The KT mode downlink is outstanding...worked Jim, K7JW at 1 deg elevation
with 5w on the uplink. By the way, the RS12/13 Satellite Summary found on
the Amsat web site shows the mode T passband  for RS13 as 145.960~146.000.
The actual passband is 145.860 ~ 145.900. The 15m uplink is 21260 ~ 21300.

73, Tony

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>According to the beacon RS-12 is turned on or at least it's identifying
>itself as RS-12.
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>> RS13's 2m downlink seems to be operating 100khz down
>> from where
>> it's supposed to be. It's as if RS12's 2m downlink passband
>> is being used?
>> 73, Tony
>> AB2CJ

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