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Anyone familiar with PSK-1 design/code?

I have been in contact with the PacComm folks about the possibility of
an eprom upgrade to the PSK-1 to enable it to properly deal with the 514
byte data stream delivered by AO-40.

Given the age of the PSK-1, I was not surprised to learn that PacComm
had contracted with a now out of business firm to design the device. So
that it is unlikely that PacComm will be offering any upgrades to the

I asked politely whether PacComm would be willing to tolerate/support a
volunteer effort to make such a mod and the answer was yes.  I think
they would make the source code available, IF they can find it.

So... is there anyone with the necessary skills and with the interest in
taking a stab at it.

This is a project that make sense to me, given that it appears that
hardware modems seem to do a better job with weak signals than at least
the current crop of software modems.

Robert Rice
Getting Started with AO-40

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