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Re: Converter Protection

>From: "Thomas Webb" <tmwebb@ionet.net>
>Having fried a Drake 2.4GHz converter a few months ago, I decided to install
>a Ramsey RFS-1 rf sensing switch to protect any future S-mode converters.
>As a matter of scholarly inquiry, any better ideas floating around out there
>as to protecting mast-mount converters from inadvertent rf?
>Also, anyone heard any rumors about new 2.4Ghz converters comming out (Icom,
>Yaesu, etc)?

Yes, see:

Protection ideas:  bandpass filter {affects noise figure}, 1/4 wave stub
tee'd to ant input and tuned to fundamental of offending freq., coax switch
or shorting pin diode if source is your VHF Tx {of course you will need to
run a T/R line to control the last two}.


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