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Re: Any serious risk ?

on 12/4/00 9:54 PM, Jim Shorney at jshorney@inebraska.com wrote:

>> This issue seems much like having a scanner or 2 Mtr
>> rig with extended receive at home or in your car, while listing on police
>> band's or what ever is interesting, I question why folks do this, the
>> activities of the police are NONE OF MY BUSINESS.
> Now, this I have to disagree with.  Public monitoring of police
> communications is a form of public review.  As such, it helps to keep
> the police 'honest', to a degree, by knowing that they can and are
> being listened to.  It _IS your business (and your civic duty) to know
> what your police are up to.  This may or may not include listening to
> them on a scanner.

I'll publicly agree with this.  I sent a private message to the original
poster saying very similar to what you said.  He wrote me back claiming I
was flaming him.  I guess disagreement is now a flame!

Anyhow, you sure are right, Jim.  That's why we have scanners as legal in
the USA.  The police are OUR servants.  Too many times I think that's
forgotten (as in some of the high profile police power abuse cases you hear
about).  Now, I am not saying our police officers are a bunch of hooligans
in uniform.  No way.  I'd say that the vast majority of police officers are
really, really good folk who are putting their life on the line against the
bad guys.  They deserve our respect.

However, telling me that to listen to them is none of my business is just
not true!  They hold the respect that I have for them because of such facts
that they are accountable to us, the citizens they are sworn to protect.
The cultures I think of when I am told that "police activities are none of
my business" are those of Red China and the former USSR.

Chilling thoughts....



Jon Ogden
NA9D (ex: KE9NA)



My President is George W. Bush -> The legal winner in Florida

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