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RE: Any serious risk ?

> Granted that it's not that difficult to protect adequately 
> against spurious commands. However, it's very difficult (I'd 
> say impossible) to protect a radio link against a 
> denial-of-service attack (jamming). That alone is good enough 
> reason to keep the command uplink frequencies, modulations, 
> and codes as secret as you conveniently can.

I agree.  DOS attacks are pretty much impossible to protect against, except
through obscurity.  However, the command stations to have an upper hand
there.  Secondary command uplinks and the fact that command stations are
distributed around the globe can mitigate these problems (bit hard for an
attacker to jam the bird when the Earth is in the way!).

> The following is a (very rare) official policy statement from 
> the AMSAT VP in charge of this mailing list: NO SUBJECT is 
> ever off limits, so long as it pertains to amateur radio satellites.

Thanks for the clarification.
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