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Top 10 ways to build a shack....

    Ok since I posted my message this morning, I have got a number of
responses. Some are good and legitimate others are funnie. In no
particular order, here are the responses I have.....

I've found 9 inch composite tile with holes (acoustical tile) effective.

Actual conversation during CW sweepstakes contest:
XYL: It seems good to hear CW again.
ME: (thinking) How many blessings do I have?

The best insulator I've found is headphones...keeps everyone happy!
Your best bet is to get anechoic foam of the type used by recording
and what not.  It's very expensive but provides the ultimate in sound
reduction.  I've seen open egg cartons (paper kind) attached to walls
too as
they will absorb sound.  The cheapest way is probably just to put up
drywall in your shack with insulation in the ceiling and the walls.
will really take care of it.  You shouldn't have much problem at all

A 2nd home far, far away. >>

With a girlfriend who likes.. to work DX or 80 meters...hihi

I hung the room with old carpet before I put up the sheet rock.  It
beautifullly, but it was a @#$%^ to find the studs for nailing.

The best way to avoid "....the notorious "bang bang" of the spouses foot

on the floor", is a good divorce lawyer, hi.

I have my shack in the basement also.  I designed it so it would not be
under any bedrooms.  I put it under the utility room area. (Just hope
for no
big water leaks).  It has worked out great for me.  For the ceiling I
the 2x2 lay in ceiling tile.  That will let you into the ceiling if you
to get in there again some day, and you will.  If you can't put it in
isolated area then you will have to put sound board type insulation in
ceiling and hope you never have to get into it again.

Be sure to put in all the AC outlets that you think you will ever need
some extra's.  You will never have enough.  I put in the walls before I
sheet rocked 2 2 inch pieces of PVC pipe to run all the coaxes into so I

wouldn't have all those cables showing.


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