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RE: Any serious risk ?

At 07:04 PM 12/4/2000 -0500, Bill Jones wrote:
>I know I'm going to get flak for this, but I don't agree with this concept.  First of all, 
>except for the human element, it is possible to have virtually un-breakable security in 
>something like this without any encryption at all, and with minimal hardware/software.

Granted that it's not that difficult to protect adequately against spurious commands. However, it's very difficult (I'd say impossible) to protect a radio link against a denial-of-service attack (jamming). That alone is good enough reason to keep the command uplink frequencies, modulations, and codes as secret as you conveniently can.

>  I think we are all here to learn, not to just be users of the sats. This list should 
>encourage any topic related to how the sats work.  Any time any valid topic is shut 
>down, we are doing the hobby a disservice.

The following is a (very rare) official policy statement from the AMSAT VP in charge of this mailing list: NO SUBJECT is ever off limits, so long as it pertains to amateur radio satellites.

73  -Paul

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