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Re[4]: Any Risk ?

  Jon wrote:

JO> The fact is we DON'T want to talk about it!  LET IT GO!  This mail list is
JO> quite possibly inhabited by people who AREN'T hams who MAY be the type of
JO> ne'er-do-well who just wants to do this stuff.  You have raised suspicion.
JO> You have raised curiosity.  The more we talk about it the more likely
JO> someone is to hit upon what is used!  Loose lips sink ships.  Just be quiet!

JO> Trust the designers and control crew.  These guys are some of the smartest
JO> folks in ham radio and if they can design a spacecraft, figure out an orbit,
JO> and get the thing working, I think they can design security protocols.

JO> We DON'T need to talk about this.  It's like military intelligence.


        Is  Jon  Ogden  moderator  or  creator or maintainer of this
        list?  If  he  is,  I'm leaving this list. Thank you ALL for
        the time we spend together. This is pure NAZI!
        Also, if this is the general opinion here.
        Repeating what I said earlier:

>> Anyway, I'll drop the issue, thought, as I don't want to start
>> any flame war or the like.
>> Anyway, this is only my opinion. :)


      anderson colla

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