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Re: need shack construction advice....

   From: "Woody" <kj4so@bellsouth.net>
   Date: Mon, 4 Dec 2000 16:07:05 -0500

   The best way to avoid "....the notorious "bang bang" of the spouses foot
   on the floor", is a good divorce lawyer, hi.

A really USEFUL comment above, if you're that kind of person, and have
no knowledge, but too much time on your hands.

There are many techniques for sound isolation.  Regular insulation
helps a lot, but the thing that would make a LOT of difference is to
stagger the supports for the two separating walls.  In this case,
don't fasten the ceiling of the shack to the floor joists, but but
install separate ceiling supports that are fastened to the beams at
the ends. Put insulation in the space.  Making the ceiling out of
sound-absorbent material will help a lot, too, and this makes for
better acoustics in the shack, which in turn should help hear weaker

In the case of a vertical wall, you'd use a 2x6 header, and one set of
2x4's holding the wall covering on one side, and a separate set of
2x4's flush with other side, to hold up the other wall.

73, doug

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