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RS13 in mode KT


To clarify things with RS-13, it is in mode KT - 15m up and 2 meters down.
The uplink passband is 21260 ~ 21300. and the 2m downlink is 145.860 ~
145.900. RS13's 2m downlink seems to be operating 100khz down from where
it's supposed to be. It's as if RS12's 2m downlink passband is being used?
The Robot is also active 21140 UP and 145.908 down. Can anyone explain the
2m passband mystery?

73, Tony

Mode KT Uplink: 21.260 - 21.300 MHz
Mode A Uplink: 145.960 - 146.000 MHz
Mode KA Downlink: 29.460 - 29.500 MHz
Mode T Downlink: 145.960 - 146.000 MHz
Robot Uplink: 21.139 and 145.840 MHz
Robot Downlink: 29.458 or 29.504 MHz and 145.862 or 145.908 (Beacon

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