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Keps and Computers

> From: Peter Rogers <progers@lightspeed.ca>
>         With all this activity on AO-40 I was wondering why
> I was missing the passes, I was using Ken's #3 in PREDICT
> on my Pentium 166, I fired up my 486/33 laptop with IT 1.1
> used 2L2ITKE.EXE to massage the keps and found a difference.
> So having 3 computers [one was free] I started playing, the IT
> agreed with AOS and LOS, in checking the Pent I found the time
> on PREDICT, the UTC time was out by 8 hours [yes I did have the
> correct offset -8 in there] the time set was by NIST, so the time was
> accurate, I tried STSplus, and after getting help from this BB, re
> setting of distances in the correct Km, it agreed with the IT of the
> laptop and of course the AOS and LOS.


You probably have a SET TZ=PST8PDT statement in your autoexec.bat file
on the offending computers, but not on the one where all the programs
agree.  When I got the original version of Predict 2.0, I found that you
had to use *either* the Time Zone offset within the program, or the TZ
environment variable, but *not* both.  If you had both, the program
would add them together, resulting in an 8 hour error (Like you, I'm on
Pacific Time). 

I'll bet all you need do is set Predict's internal Time Zone offset to
zero.  Then it will use only the SET TZ statment, and all will be well. 
If I recall correctly, IT uses the TZ variable if present, but overrides
TZ if its internal setting is set.  STS uses its internal setting only.  

Also, beware of mistakenly using old Keps that came just pre- or
post-launch, as there was more than one "catalog number" for a while.
Display the Keps from within the programs so you see that they are
actually using.  Then compare them with your most recent downloaded set.

--Peter, KD7MW
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