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Re: Any serious risk ?

Hi Bill and Group..... This issue seems much like having a scanner or 2 Mtr
rig with extended receive at home or in your car, while listing on police
band's or what ever is interesting, I question why folks do this, the
activities of the police are NONE OF MY BUSINESS. While this may not be much
of a issue in a big city here in a small town you might actually know who
they are talking about. This is only IMHO, likewise how ever the ground
controllers actually control the birds is NONE OF MY BUSINESS, or for that
matter anyone else who IS NOT on the team that takes care of such matters!
You all have hear the story of the guy who hacked into the HBO transponder
some years ago, enough said! Seems he spent some time in jail. Get a clue on
this issue, if your so interested sign up to help, otherwise let it go. I'm
happy they indeed know what to do and when, I sure would not like to see
this project at risk, due to some script kiddie(s)!

Mike Parisey..... W5GML...... Sealy, TX!

Old Days....
Good Times I Remember....
Fun Days....
Filled With Simple Pleasures....

Chicago (circa 1960's.....)
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> I know I'm going to get flak for this, but I don't agree with this

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