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Newbie: Noise on RX when keying TX

A Newbie Question:
On my AO-10 setup,
	11el RX, V-pol, w/ ARR preamp
	18el TX, V-pol, about 60W at antenna
	Antennas are mounted on a "Tee" with about 5' of horizontal separation.

Sometimes (but not always) when I key my TX I hear about S5 noise
"feedback".  NB is off on rig (FT-726R).  Often the noise is loud enough to
compromise hearing my downlink sig.

Seems that the problem is more pronounced during daylight hours.  

Surely this one is a "Satellite 101" problem.  Direct replies welcome if so
(to reduce list clutter).

TIA and see you on AO-10 (why did I wait 24 years to get into satellites?),

Scott Townley
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