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RE: Any serious risk ?

> Good post Assi!  You are correct, the first line of security is not ciphers
> but concealment.  If the spy/hacker doesn't know that the command link is
> there they can't break it.  If the hacker doesn't know where the door is he
> can't break in.  Even better, don't let on that there is a door.   Get the
> idea?

I know I'm going to get flak for this, but I don't agree with this concept.  First of all, 
except for the human element, it is possible to have virtually un-breakable security in 
something like this without any encryption at all, and with minimal hardware/software.  
I have no idea of what level of security is being employed, but if it is so vulnerable that 
you can't risk talking about it, then it must not be very secure. If that is the case, then 
the discussion on this list is certainly a valid topic, at least for future projects, as it is 
something that hasn't been thought out properly.  On the other hand, if the current 
system is truely secure, and I would assume that it is, then I see no reason why it 
can't be discussed.  Not discussing it only confirms the "elitist" stereotype that 
AMSAT already has.  
   I think we are all here to learn, not to just be users of the sats. This list should 
encourage any topic related to how the sats work.  Any time any valid topic is shut 
down, we are doing the hobby a disservice.

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