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RE: Any serious risk ?

Hi Anderson,
Phase 3D does not "receive" the telemetry it transmits from the ground. "Tele
Metry" means "Remote Measurement", i.e. Phase 3D samples sensors on board the
satellite and it transmits them to us. Since these sensors contain information
about spacecraft health, the information enables the operators to know what
they need/want to know in order to properly manage the spacecraft.
Now to the second part of your question, in military intelligence
(oxymoron) the first rule of secrecy is security through obscurity. I.e., in
order to protect a system you do not want to discuss any aspect of the
security features used on the spacecraft. By doing so, you are exposing your
system ecause a potential hacker has a "lead". Be rest assured that the
designers of the spacecraft did what they saw fit in order to prevent
accidental or non-accidental command and control of the spacecraft. My
experience is that many methods have been employed by different groups, and I
will leave it to your imagination. 
If you are still concerned about hacking, look at past satellites. No amateur
satellite has ever been successfully hacked (that I know of), so I guess the
security is sufficient.
Bottom line, don't worry - be happy!
Assi 4x1kx/kk7kx

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 Hello, All. 73.
 Does anybody can explain how the Phase3D (as well as other sats)
 receives the telemetry sent to it? I mean, what frequencies are used,
 antenna, is any form of cryptography used ? What are the chances of a
 bad hacker (a cracker) take control of the birds?
 I've looked for this kind of information and can't find it anywhere.
 Thank you, guys,

   anderson colla - py1vhf

Sunday, December 03, 2000
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