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S band on a TVRO 9 foot dish -see webpage, printing 145.9 beacon

At 02:47 PM 12/3/00, you wrote:
>Heard AO-40's 2401.350 beacon at 20:12 UTC, 3/12/00. here in BP40NN. Sig was
>S-2 to S4. Freq was a little low at 2401.292
Some time ago I mentioned that I was using a satellite dish to track
S band satellites, I made a web page on it now,
its at http://members.home.com/nn0v/index.html
might give you some ideas how an old c band system might be adapted
for the molniya like orbit that P3 would have, as well as to track other
satellites on S band or nonsyncronus orbits. It comes in handy
on NBC satcom K2 because it is inclinded geosync, on old TDRSS and
weather satellites that are inclined, on non syncronus sats like AO40,
I was even thinking of hanging some UHF and VHF yagi's on it since
its tracking the same thing. Have to calculate the gain at those freqs to see
if a yagi would do better.

On the 145.9 beacon, that peaked at s8 in a 3k bw with 15 db
gain antennas, with a noise level of s1, very comfortable signal
level, way above the noise, but the programs I was trying were not
picking up any valid telemetry data, just the repeated messages
and some binary that didnt seem to decode. What I was getting looks
like the raw logs that are on the website, some is text and some is code,

The way its orbit  looks I have to wait  a week or so 12/8/2000 before
the satellite will be above the horizon for any s band passes. [in the 
midwest USA] where ma=20-26       So I have
yet to try S band while it is supposed to be transmitting there, all I can say
is the UO-11 beacon came in OK on the system. Looking at the
link budget spreadsheet this system should have 35 db S/N according
to the rough numbers I put in there. But my beamwidth means having
to peak up on it every 15 minuts or so. Thats what I used to do on the 
russiian C band satellites I tracked with this sytem. It wasnt hard to do 
at all but
at the time computer technology didnt make it easy to automate anything like

Well good luck on the sats

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