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Re[2]: Any Risk ?

  Edward wrote:

ERC> I agree.  This is enough talk on this topic {hope it never has to be
ERC> discussed again}.

      Hello, Ed and ALL, 73.
      Allow me to disagree!
      It's  not  with  silence  that  we will solve our problems. It
      doesn't  matter  whether  newspapers publish it or not, famine
      and starvation still plagues several countries. Whether we talk
      about  it  or  not,  the  hackers (crackers) are out there.
      This  kind  of  thinking  is almost the same as believing that
      not  talking  about  drugs,  will  keep our children clean. We
      should  talk  to  them,  explain  the risks, the tragedy drugs
      bring to a family, etc.
      Of course  we should not publish any vital information, codes and
      the like. But just TALK about it makes sense to me. We are all
      adults  here.  Don't  know  about  you  guys  living  in other
      countries,  but  there  was a time in  my  country    we lived
      under heavy censorship. Newspapers, television, radio, Amateur
      Radio etc. was under official, government censorship. It ended
      in 1978, when military, after 14 years, left power to the
      civilians.   Believe   me,  censorship,  be  it  external  or
      self-imposed,  is  BAD!  It  avoids  that  serious  issues  be
      I am sure the control teams know what the risks are. And I am
      sure they have the expertise to avoid the threats.
      There's  much  more  to  be  said, but I don't want to start a
      revolution! Just kidding... :)
      Anyway, I'll drop the issue, thought, as I don't want to start
      any flame war or the like.
      Anyway, this is only my opinion. :)

 anderson colla - py1vhf

Monday, December 04, 2000
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