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Second beacon 2.4 GHz AO-40 OK!

Dear Peter,

 I want to report the AMSAT-OSCAR-40 2.4 GHZ beacons listening by F6GBQ.

 Friday and saturday F6GBQ could listen to AO-40 S1 beacon.

 First day he heard it on 2400.176 MHz, signal strengh 41 to 52, slow qsb lent,
small polarisation rotation.
 Doppler 24500 Hz, around 10h19, MA 25, range 19000 km.

 Second day, receiving on 2400.577 MHz, strengh 41\52, slow qsb and small
polarisation rotation 
 doppler 24800 Hz, MA 15 to 26, at 0930.

 The third day MA 15 to 26 0905\0930, qrg 2400.577 MHz, level 53\55, slow QSB,
fast polarisation change.

 F6GBQ's working conditions are the same as for AO-13 : 

 Converter WA8LNC, preamp 40db 0.6nf.
 Parabolic antenna 1.40 metre OE9PMJ, source dc8ug Vertical polar V. IF on 144
 The two first observations were without preamp on the antenna. It was raining
and Jean-Michel did not want to climb on his roof !

This Sunday morning F6GBQ reported hearing the second 2.4 GHz beacon as strong
as the first one.
 From MA 16 to 26 qrg 2401.298 MHz, level 53\55. A few qsb and rotation.

 73 de F6GBQ JN13VR 10km nord of MONTPELLIER."


73 de Bernard, f6bvp

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