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RE: what modem currently will do 38k4 ??

> Van: N1RZ [mailto:n1rz@timhavens.com]
> After reading a recent post I started wondering what folks 
> are using or what
> is available for higher than 9k6 modems.
> What is available?   Are there any kits for these speeds?  
> Are these modems
> I have a 6-7 year old 56k Grapes modem that I believe uses MSK just
> wondering if I can modify that to be put into use at some point.
> Anyway....I'd like to know what folks are using, where they 
> obtained that
> they're using, and any URLs that may be associated with what 
> they're using.
> Take Care All,
> Tim
I'm not sure how it is done on the other side of the ocean (or down under)
but overhere we just take a normal g3ruh type modem for 9k6 and change the
filters that's all there is to it.
the clock is taken from the scc card witch is controled by software. I'm not
sure if this trick will work on a tnc becouse you are limeted to the Z81

73 de Andre PE1RDW
aprsdigi co-ordinator Netherlands
member aprs workgroup Netherlands

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