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Re: ICOM IC-910 and 13 CM??

Howard Long wrote:
> Hi Joe.
> Yes I've seen one and I even got a ten minute play a week or so ago.
> I'd also heard about a month ago (from a dealer) about some gossip on 13cm
> capability for the IC910.
> However I would treat it as gossip. The LCD display hasn't got enough
> space/segments to display a '2' in the left most column from my inspections
> (and I was looking for just that functionality!).
> This is a true dual RX radio - separate volume/squelch for each VFO, all
> mode all band. There's even two identical Packet mini DINs, one for each
> band. The TS-2000 will dual RX, but one of those RX's must be AM/FM on VHF
> or UHF. However the IC-910 has no HF or 50MHz.
> Had the 910 had this capability it would have been my preference over the
> TS-2000.

Now the neat thing would be if Yaesu payed attention to this list and came out
with a new and improved version of the '847 with true dual rx all  mode (like
the IC910) and 23cm/13cm as optional modules :)

Ok , so I like to dream , but hey we gotta give those engineers in Japan some
fodder right?

on we go ........
Douglas Cole
AMSAT#26182 , K2 # 544
Registered Linux user # 188922
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