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A day of handheld operation!

Hello All!

Had an interesting day on the birds today.  Firstly, at 06:26z, worked SO-35
while pedestrian mobile in the NW suburbs of Melbourne.  Was using the Icom
IC-T81A with a bit of fancy button pushing to do the band switch.  Antenna was
the Diamond SRH999, which works very well on 70, not so good on 2m.  Despite
the tiny station, reports were generally excellent, while most other stations
struggled to make the pass for some strange reason.  Conditions seemed a little

Later this evening, I was at the radio club, and before closing up, checked to
see if UO-14 was up.  As luck would have it, a pass had just started!  Took the
same station as used earlier to a high, open spot and put out a few calls.
Managed to work ZL1HAU (Sonny).  Because the antenna isn't that good on 2m, the
uplink was a bit of a struggle, but the downlink was fairly clean most of the
time.  The uplink antenna was roughly equivalent to a rubber duck on 2m!  :)

Anyway, that's my day's satellite activity. For various reasons, I seem to be
running this minimal station almost as often as the full beam setup.  It's
quite fun and challenging, and a real kick when those ZLs reply.  Also blows
the minds of any spectators, when I say "That guy's near Auckland!", and they
hear a voice with a strong Kiwi accent coming out of the speaker :) ).

Tony, VK3JED
|Fidonet:  Tony Langdon 3:633/284.18
|Internet: tlang@freeway.apana.org.au
| Standard disclaimer: The views of this user are strictly his own.

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